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Optional Post-Conference
Tour of NOAA and NIST in Boulder, Colorado
10.30am Monday 27th September 2010

Writeup by Mark Ringrose

Sorry, no vacancies. 24 people have signed up for the tour, so no more applications are being accepted. The following is left here for archival purposes only. To see who is going on the tour, see the “NOAA Tour” column in the conference attendee list.

NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology

Post-Conference Tour of NOAA and NIST - this follows the popular and successful trip to NIST last year on the Monday following the conference in Fort Collins.

This special tour is for HHC conference attendees only. It is not a public tour.

NOAA and NIST set a maximum of 24 people for the tour, so please register EARLY if you want to be on the tour.

This is an optional side trip to NOAA followed by a visit to NIST is available for HHC2010 attendees. NOAA and NIST share the same visitor center and parking facility in Boulder, which is convenient. You can attend just the NOAA morning tour if you want to, and then depart.

Schedule for Monday, 27th September 2010.

0900 Depart Fort Collins promptly
1000 (approx) Arrive at Visitors Center in Boulder, clear security and park your car then head to the NOAA facility
1030-1230 NOAA Tour
1230-1400 Head over to NIST and have lunch
1400-1530 NIST Tour
1530 Depart NIST


You must register separately for the NIST trip if you want to take the NIST tour. Registration for HHC2010 DOES NOT include the NIST tour.

When asked about our use of cameras, NIST sent the following information:

Personal photography (and videotaping) is authorized in most areas of NIST. You will be escorted so that all your questions can be answered and make sure there are no issues. As a courtesy, before taking photos of people, such as NIST scientists in their labs, please ask permission.


You MUST register your name and required details (see below) with Mark Ringrose as soon as possible — first come, first served due to limited numbers: mark.ringrose@thomsonreuters.com

NIST requires that all visitors submit their names in advance, and that all visitors bring with them government issued photo identification. NIST makes a distinction between U.S. citizens and foreign nationals so PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY if you want to join the NIST tour:

Foreign Nationals

Details of all overseas visitors must be submitted to the HHC coordinator of the trip (Mark Ringrose) by Friday 17th September, 2010. The details required by NIST from foreign nationals are:

1. Name
2. Passport Number
3. Nationality

Foreign nationals must bring their passport with them to gain entry to the tour at NIST.

U.S. Citizens

Details of all U.S. citizens must be submitted to the HHC coordinator of the trip (Mark Ringrose) by Wednesday 22nd September, 2010. The detail required from U.S. Citizens is:

1. Your name. That’s all.

U.S. Citizens will need to bring photo id such as a driving license or passport with them to gain entry to the tour at NIST.


The tour is at 10.30am in Boulder, so a prompt 0900 departure (or earlier if you wish) is required from Fort Collins on Monday 27th September . The plan is to rely on conference attendees’ cars if possible – this worked well in 2009.

Many HHC 2010 conference attendees will be heading home on Monday 27th September, and that is why the NOAA tour is organised at 10.30am. It also allows HHC 2010 committee members to join the tour too.


If you have your own transport to NOAA/NIST, then obviously you will be free to go on afterwards, but maybe you can offer a ride to a convenient place for fellow NIST visitors following the visit?

There is an hourly public bus service to Denver Airport that leaves from outside the NOAA/NIST facility. The journey takes about 1 hour and the fare is $12 one way.

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory
Boulder, Colorado

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Boulder, Colorado