Registered Attendees

Note: This is merely the list of those who have registered their WISH to attend. If you plan on meeting a particular attendee at the conference, be sure to contact them ahead of time to ascertain whether or not they will actually attend.

“PoA” = Self-Guesstimated Probability of Attending.
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Name (A–Z)FromPoA    Tentative Presentation Topics (subject to change)
 1.Brad BartonIN100%
 2.Craig BladowCO87.5%
 3.Jeff BronfeldNY95%    TBD
 4.Bill ButlerCanada95%
 5.John CadickTX99%    TBD
 6.Thomas ChrapkiewiczMI94.3%
 7.Sylvain CoteCanada100%    41CL Self-Update
 8.Giancarlo CotrufoItaly75%
 9.Felix Gross  Germany  100%
 10.David HaydenNJ90%
 11.Joseph HornCA100%    PRNG's in HP Calculators
 12.Jim JohnsonIN100%    TBD
 13.Daniel McDonaldVT85%
 14.Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz    England  100%
 15.Thomas MullikinCO100%
 16.Richard NelsonAZ100%    Not So Simple Power Calculations
 17.Bob ProsperiNY95%    TBD
 18.Geoff QuickfallCanada100%    TBD
 19.Eric RechlinTX98%    HP Calculator Archive Twentieth Anniversary
 20.Günter SchinkGermany100%
 21.Torben SchinkGermany100%
 22.Jake SchwartzNJ100%    EduCALC Catalogs - A Look Back
 23.Richard SchwartzCA99%
 24.Namir ShammasVA100%    Halley-Ostrowski Root-Seeking Method
 25.Don ShepherdKY90%    Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate
 26.Eddie ShoreCA80%    Extending the HP 12C: Programming for Scientific Applications
 27.John SwisherTN99%
 28.Jeff TurnerOH98%
 29.Brian WalshIL99%
 30.Tim WessmanHP-CO100%    TBD
 31.Torsten WierczochGermany80%
 32.Mary WolderingOH95%
 33.Jackie WolderingOH95%
 34.Gene WrightTN100%    • Commodore Scientific Calculators
    • New ROM's for the HP41CL
    • Lines and graphs
    • Non-HP desktop scientific calculators
 35.Bill ZimmerlyMO100%
Probable number of attendees:  33.488