Conference Expenses


The attendees' fee = (total cost of conference) ÷ (number of attendees). Therefore it cannot be determined until the morning of the conference. The current ballpark guesstimate is somewhere around $70. It will be collected at the conference check-in, not in advance. Cash only, please.


The special HHC Rate this year is $124 per night. If you include all the taxes and fees, it comes to $142.60 per night, not including the $15 per night parking fee. If you arrange to share a room, you'll save even more. See the hotel page for registration details.


The hotel offers a complementary buffet breakfast. All other meals will be at the discretion of each attendee. There will be no meals served in the meeting room this year, since catered events at hotels have become prohibitively expensive. In addition to the hotel's own bar and grill, there are a number of food choices in walking distance. Light rail station is a couple of hundred feet away if you want to go downtown, where there are a huge number of food choices. The Greyhound bus terminal is close also.