HHC 2018 Registration Form

IMPORTANT: This is NOT the Hotel reservation form. You must contact the hotel directly and make your own room reservations. Again, the form below is ONLY for registering for the Conference, not for reserving rooms at the hotel.

We realize that you might not be sure at this point whether or not you’ll be able to attend HHC 2018. But we would like to have a list of people who are interested in attending, as well as those who fully intend to attend. Hence, the “Probability of Attending” item in the list below.

Payment will only be collected at the conference (cash only, please), so we’re not asking for a financial commitment now. We won’t know what the registration fee will be until the event itself, but we are currently guesstimating that it will be somewhere around $70 this year.

To register to attend, fill in the following form and then click on the GO! button. Your information will be sent to Joe Horn, and your name and public info will be added to the Registered Attendees page.

If any of your information changes after registering, especially your “Probability of Attending,” please email that information to Joe at . Thanks!

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