The HHC 2000
HP 39G/40G Swap

and maybe some HP42S's too!

Organised by
Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz

[NOTE: This offer has expired, but this page is left online for historical purposes. -jkh-]

The new HP39G is only sold in North America, which makes it difficult and expensive for interested Europeans to buy one. On the other hand, the new HP40G is only sold in Europe, which makes it difficult and expensive for Americans to buy one.

So we're going to attempt something new at HHC 2000 to make it much easier and cheaper for HP calculator afficionados to buy an HP 39G or 40G. If you let me know by August 28th, I'll bring enough HP40G's to the Conference for all those who want to buy one there, and then I'll bring back (to England) enough HP39G's for the Europeans who wish to buy one.

How this is arranged - whether I buy these and then sell them on, or have them given to me for exchange, is open to discussion. My main concern is not to waste time and luggage space (oh, and money) on bringing too many or too few. So, I want to know first of all how many people are interested, and secondly whether they have some strong preference as to how the exchange is to be organised in their case.

Please note well: I can only carry a limited number of calculators each way, so the sooner you get in touch the better your chance of arranging such a swap, but definitely by August 28th.


  1. North Americans -
    1. how many HP40Gs do you want?
    2. do you want to buy, or swap for 39Gs?
  2. Europeans -
    1. how many HP39Gs do you want?
    2. do you want to buy, or swap for 40Gs?
  3. Either - please provide a contact address.
  4. If I can bring a few new, unused, HP42S units, at $170 each (but without manuals), would anyone be interested?
Remember, this will only work if you let me know by August 28th. Hope to hear from you!