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Photo Gallery of
HHC 1999

Thanks, Jake!

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Ted Kerber, Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz,
Paul Hubbert and Richard Nelson
in the lobby of the Phoenix Inn

Introducing the HP49G, the star of our show

Production (L) and prototype (R) models
with their slide-on covers

Production (L) and prototype (R) backs

Early breadboard prototype using
HP48 guts and outboard keyboard

Eric Rechlin, Cyrille de Brebisson and
Joe Horn discussing HP49 beta testing

Gathering at the conference room
(L to R) Jeff Blough, Jim Donnelly,
Bill Butler and Whit Hickman

HP49 introductory presentation slide

Jean-Yves Avenard presents the HP49

Bringing out the free HP49’s for each attendee

PC-based HP49 emulator environment

HP49 Memory Architecture slide

HP49 memory architecture slide

Jim Donnelly discusses
HP48/49 library development

The Micro-Wand III from HHP

Dan McDonald talks about moving
data from LIF-format to PCs

The keyboard some of us would like to see on the HP49

Ted Kerber presents HP49 TrueType fonts

Megha Shyam discusses third-party development

Vern Lindsay presents the Portable Datalab

(L to R) Richard Nelson addresses the HP ACO panel: Whit Hickman,
Cyrille de Brebisson, Gerald Squelart, ?? and Jean-Yves Avenard