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HHC 2002,
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Thanks, Jake!

Click on image to see high-resolution 1024×768 image, roughly 120K.

Power48 running on a Sony CLIE

Paul Hubbert, James Prange and Marc Staps

Paul, Bill Butler and James

Wlodek, John Stebbens, Richard and Bill Slesinger

Early crowd entering the registration area

Richard, Tony Duell and Roger Wiley

Eric Smith assembling the HP Calc pictures.
Both sides of the bulletin boards were used
to display a full page image of all of HP’s machines,
including machines that were never produced.
Thanks to Jake Schwartz for this gigantic effort.

The lecture hall....Frank Wales in front of the room

Wlodek and Roger Wiley doing intros

Jean-Yves Avenard talks about the HP49.
He discussed the HP49 key response issue
and suggested solutions.

Tony Duell disassembles the HP9100

A table full of HP goodies

The HP9100 in pieces

HP9100 parts and HP Logic Dart

Wlodek speaking with Cyrille de Brebisson

Two old favorites

There are #10h more photos on Page 2