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Photo Gallery of
HHC 2002,
Page 2

Thanks, Jake!

Click on image to see high-resolution 1024×768 image, roughly 120K.

HP-related posters; click here for huge close-up.

More posters; click here for huge close-up.

A “dealer’s table” in the Physics Lounge

Preliminary HP release schedule

Members of the new HP team
L to R: Tony Jones, Fred Valdez and Cyrille

Bruce Horrocks (HPCC editor)
talks about how to communicate with HP

Phillipe Roussel talks about
using the HP Long Float Library

The iPAQ running the XCAS
and Sony CLIE running Power48

The obligatory HP95C for all to see.
This is a pre-production unit of a
model that was never released.

This HP48 has seen better days!

The never-released HP38G+

Marc Staps sings the praises of Power48

The cancelled HP Xpander

The never-released Jornada X25

A 39G applet of note

Jean-Yves demonstrates the updated HP48/49 SDK

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