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Registered Attendees

in alphabetical order, as of September 17th

# Name Home Probability
of Attending
1 Alexander, Ron USA 95%
Interests: HP-41CX and peripherals, HP-IL, Synthetic Programming

2 Bell, Joe USA 50%
Interests: Long to see old friends.

3 Bronfeld, Jeff USA 100%
I will be co-authoring a presentation with John Cadick

4 Brown, Wayne USA 50%
Interests: Mathematics, HP-41C/CV/CX, HP-16C, HP 48GX

5 Butler, Bill Canada 99%

6 Cadick, John USA 90%
Thoroughly enjoyed the 2000 conference. This is the first one I've been able to make since then.

7 Chumbley, Jim USA 100%
Interests: HP-41CX and peripherals

8 Cohen, Martin USA 100%
Interests: New calculators

9 Del Bel, Brandon USA 50%
Interests: I love HP calcs (I carry my 49G in my pocket everywhere). Unfortunately, as a first year math major, my financial situation is not so great; thus the 50% probability.

10 Graves, William USA 99%
Developer of Debug4x and Conn4x

11 Hearon, Frank USA 100%
Interests: in hand held devices and applications on LINUX platform

12 Hill, Roger USA 50%

13 Horn, James L. USA 60%
Will be there unless I am in Kazakhstan to adopt my children (date is up to their courts). Old HP enthusiast. Mostly use HP-49G and HP-41 (and my Palm M105) for electrical engineering, astronomy, etc. Best to all!

14 Horn, Joseph K. USA 100%
Interests: Number Theory and other recreational mathematics.

15 Hubbert, Paul USA 100%
Interests: "Everything" and everywhere in the WORLD that UAL flys to, POWER (electrical), small stuff (007) that is leading edge, Of course CALCULATORS! GPS, Maps etc. Meeting other crazy guys with similar likes.

16 Kerber, Ted USA 100%
Interests: Application Development

17 Kline, Thomas P. USA 100%
Interests: Calculators of all kinds

18 Lindsay, Vern USA 100%

19 Little, Walter ? 99%

20 Maguire, Brian USA 100%
Interests: Software development (including calculators). New and improved interfaces for calculators and handhelds.

21 Marschall, Peter ? 90%

22 Marsh, Dave USA 75%
Interests: I'm interested in powerful handheld computing devices (of course), innovative software, innovative hardware (electronics), and unique approaches to solving engineering problems.

23 Mier-Jedrzejowicz, Wlodek England 90%
Plan to come, have agreed to try to drum up support from Europe. Look forward to hearing about PDAs as well as calculators, but above all look forward to meeting friends again.

24 Morris, Carl ? 90%

25 Murphy, Douglas USA 75%

26 Nelson, Ladd USA 75%
Interested in learning of any expandable/compatible successors to the HP48GX!

27 Nelson, Richard USA 100%
Interests: A Good Triangles Progrm. Faster turnon for the high end Scientifics.

28 Parks, Roger USA 90%
Currently teaching math/statistics using handhelds (sadly, only TIs and the wretched HP9g). You may edit this for the public {grin}.

29 Schlesinger, Bob USA 100%
Interests: This is my first full year of retirement (Professor Emeritus from San Diego State University) so now I have lots of time to play around with HP calculators,embedded controllers, and attend conferences.

30 Schwartz, Jake USA 100%
Interests: Calculators, Consumer Electronics, User Interfaces

31 Schwartz, Richard USA 50%

32 Scott, David ? 90%
Interests: statistics, curve fitting

33 Sears, Tom USA 99%
Interests: HP programable calculators. RPN. Mini-challenges. Programming languages, algorithms. Object oriented thinking (for procedure oriented brains). Java.

34 Shier, David USA 100%
Interests: Food, wine, cooking, bicycling, handheld and wireless computing and of course: Bluetooth (See www.BluetoothNews.com)

35 Shore, Edward USA 70%
This conference sounds like fun. My first HP calculator is the HP-48G. Still an HP novice, but I would like to attend this conference to discuss math and calculators who share my interests.

36 Smith, Eric USA 99%

37 Staps, Marc Holland 100%
Interested in just about everything, except the boring things such as in dept programming presentations

38 Stebbins, John USA 100%
Interests: Programmability

39 Straley, Dennis USA 95%

40 Tener, Stuart USA 100%
Interests: iPAQ, Linux

41 Tenzer, Gary USA 100%

42 Thompson, Clay USA 90%
I am the developer of the MathU Pro programmable RPN calculator for Palm OS. I have been an HP programmable calculator enthusiast for over 20 years.

43 Zinner, Bertram USA 100%
I spend most of my time doing mathematics & statistics. Just recently I got interested in microcontrollers and robotics which is especially fun as I can share this activity with my children.