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HHC 2003

Thanks, Jake!

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HPís Top Secret Presentation

Conference Dinner: What a spread!

Conference dinner was enjoyed by all

Mark Staps & Joe Horn play with new hp49g+

HP Panel Discussion

The talks end but the talking goes on and on

Joe Hornís hands shake with excitement over hp49g+

Dave, Bill, Tony, Frank, & Richard

hp49g+ with external bus?


Rational and Irrational Numbers at 20 Paces

A piece of PI

Richardís plaque

Fraction machines for Joe Hornís talk

A glimpse of the Prize Table

Innards of the hp49g+

Vern & Wlodek

More Prize Table goodies

Even more Prize Table goodies

Casio Classpad

Wlodek signs copies of his book

HP employeesí secret ID