September 17 & 18 Ace Metal Crafts, Franklin Park IL


Conference Schedule - Saturday





8:00 AM30

Registration and

Conference Room set up

Ron Johnson, Paul Hubbert, & Richard Nelson (may need a little help)

8:30 AM30

Registration starts

No registration cost.  Dinner and misc. is $20.  Get Conference materials.

9:00 AM15

Conference Starts

Announcements, Schedule adjustments, etc.

9:15 AM45


Introductions.  Give us your name, where you are from, your interests, and why you choose HP.

10:00 AM20


Group Photograph - we may skip this, individual photos will be taken during registration.

10:30 AM10

Richard J. Nelson

NEWT Microprocessor and 41CL Progress Report.  Monte Dalrymple couldn’t make it this year.

10:40 AM15


Introduce yourself to at least one new person.

10:55 AM25

Gene Wright

HP’s New 48/49 AUR.

11:20 AM20

Tim Wessman

Description of the Winning Entry in HP’s 2005 Create-a-calc Contest.

11:40 AM20

Eric Smith

Nonpareil Emulator, Update for HHC 2004.  Add to HHC 2005 CD?

12:00 AM90


Encore or other restaurant within walking distance.

1:30 PM40

Namir Shammas

Root Seeking Methods, Survey of root-seeking algorithms.

  2:10 PM55

Cyrille Marie Henry Hervé de Brébisson, HP R&D Manager

Digging past the core of the Apples.  Beyond the skin (User RPL), the flesh (System Rpl) and the core (Assembly) lies the seeds (ARM system) of the Apples’ platform (HP graphing series) where everything is possible...

  3:05 PM25

Lee-Khuan Goh, HP Marketing Manager 

Marketing issues: What’s happening.

  3:30 PM25

Cyrille & Lee-Khuan

General HP Q & A.  This is your opportunity to “Ask HP.”

  3:55 PM20


Introduce yourself to a second new person.

  4:15 PM20

Paul Hubbert

Battery Update, Bargain Accessories for the HHC User.

  4:35 PM30

Rick Furr

HP Calculator & Curta Posters.  How they came to be, some are available here.

  5:05 PM30

Brian Walsh

HP49 Programming User Interface Example for Applications

  5:35 PM25

Frank Travis

Bring back the midrange scientific!

  6:00 PM60

Richard J. Nelson

Magnets, A Change of Pace Demonstration.  They sing, they fly, and they mystify.

  7:00 PM30

Adjourn for dinner

The only Conference cost: $20 for dinner and other drinkables and edibles.

  7:30 PM120

All Attendees

Conference Dinner at Sorrento’s Italian restaurant - 1.5 miles.

  9:30 PMopen

Time & topic to be announced


11:00 PM

End of First Day

Drag off to bed; we don’t start as early on Sunday.



September 17 & 18 Ace Metal Crafts, Franklin Park IL


Conference Schedule - Sunday





 10:00 AM10

Conference reconvenes

Announcements, schedule changes, etc.

 10:10 AM20

Ron Johnson

HP LightScribe Recordable Disc Labeling Technology.

10:30 AM40

Namir Shammas

Solve For HP Calculators, Comparison of SOLVE in different HP calculators.

11:10 AM35

Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz

Delayed Evaluation, and why RPN users hate unreliable


11:45 PM20


Introduce yourself to your third new friend.

12:05 PM30

Eric Smith and

Richard Ottosen

New Classics.

12:35 PM20

Gene Wright and

Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz

HP’s Teachers Conference Report: Ideas for the future?

12:55 PM75


Same as yesterday.


2:10 PM40

Tim Wessman and John Evers

The “Virtual Calculator” is about our online calculator program designed to demonstrate use of the DC49 to the public. The DC49 hardware will also be covered.

 2:50 PM20

Jake Schwartz

The HPCC Datafile CD - One An Additional Year, plus some Adobe Acrobat Observations.

3:10 PM15

Richard J. Nelson

Using An HP48/49 Program To Create More Powerful Solver Equations (Programming Exercise style). (Time may not permit)

 3:25 PM20

Richard Schwartz

Solving Certain Polynomials of Interest (on the HP-30S which is supposedly non-programmable)

3:55 PM15


Ask that last question of your new friends.  We are near the end.

4:10 PM15

Best Speaker Award

Attendees vote.

4:25 PM20

Door Prize Drawing

Keep your registration number handy.

 4:45 PMopen

User’s forum

General HPUC Q&A, suggestions for HHC 2006, Community questions, problems & issues.


6:?? PM

Conference Concludes


Have a safe trip home.  Join us for breakfast tomorrow morning (usually the next conference is discussed).

RJN Note:  Is this our last Conference?  Do we have enough continuing interest to have future Conferences after a run of 29 conferences?  Our attendance is constant.  Nearly every other HP User Group has ceased to function.  What is or should be our future?