The Future is Bright
“The Year of the HP-12C”

 Hewlett-Packard Handheld Conference 
16-17 September 2006
Radisson Hotel
San Jose Airport, California

Last revised on 20 September 2006

 Tentative Schedule 

 Schedule of HHC 2006 Presentations & Events (Revised 13 September)

 Richard Nelson’s Introduction 

Richard Nelson says, “If you are a serious HP user/fan and you want to meet with, learn from, and contribute to the people active in the HP User Community, you may want to come to San Jose, California, the 3rd weekend in September and attend HHC 2006.”

Richard’s introduction to HHC 2006:
The Future Is Bright

 Stanford Linear Accelerator Tour! 

Join us for the exciting HHC 2006 SLAC Tour!

 HHC-Related Articles 

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Registration will be in the lobby of the hotel beginning early on Saturday morning.... but keep reading. In 2004, the registration fee was $45, so that’s a good ballpark figure for this year’s fee. The actual fee is a function of the base cost (known) divided by the number of attendees (unknown). To help us plan ahead, we would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know that you’re considering attending.

Therefore, please EITHER use our Online Registration Form
OR send an email right now to Ted Kerber <> letting him know the following info about you:

If everybody does this ahead of time, Ted will be able to organize the hotel rooms and facilities in the most cost-effective way.

Thanks from the Committee! See you in September!


Here's the list of folks who have registered so far (Thanks to y'all!):

 List of Registered Attendees for HHC 2006

 Radisson Hotel Factoids 

 Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About the San Jose Airport Radisson Hotel But Were Afraid To Ask

 Conference Committee 

 Brief Biographies

 Partial Prize List 

Yes, we will follow the tradition of giving “door prizes” and other prizes to attendees. Here’s a partial list of the goodies that will be on the Prize Table this year:

 Partial List of HHC 2006 Door Prizes

This list is updated regularly as donations are added. To add a donation, please contact Richard Nelson <>.

 Previous HHC Conferences 

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 Photos from Last Year’s Conference 

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