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For all your web & printing needs.

You have three choices to make:

  1. B/W or Color? (Use the B/W ones for b/w printing!)
  2. GIF or PNG? (PNG is higher quality)
  3. Small or Large? (Do NOT print the small ones large!)
Note: The GIF files have their corner color set to “transparent”. The PNG files have corners with “alpha-layer transparency” which is not rendered correctly by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer version 6 & earlier, but looks very good in all current browsers. The GIF and PNG files PRINT differently sometimes, depending on the software, hardware, and Murphy's Law. Experiment.

GIF, Small (200 × 128)

7,986 bytes

9,667 bytes

PNG, Small (200 × 128)

10,385 bytes

15,927 bytes

GIF, Large (636 × 407)

31,066 bytes

60,287 bytes

PNG, Large (636 × 407)

34,945 bytes

59,092 bytes