Q: What was HHC 2008?

A: The 35th International Conference of HP Handheld Users.

The final post-conference report by Richard Nelson is available HERE.

What are HHC Conferences in general?

HHC conferences are two-day marathons that are organized by, attended by, funded by, and produced by enthusiasts of handheld computers and programmable calculators, especially those made by Hewlett Packard. HHC conferences are independent of Hewlett Packard and all other companies. Tips, tricks, routines and software are freely shared by all. The Proceedings contain the text accompanying each well-prepared talk, many articles collected during the preceding year, and other papers submitted for inclusion in the Proceedings.

Many of the attendees have often attended before, and enjoy the camaraderie of old friends. However, there are new faces every year, and all are warmly welcome.

“Goodies” received by all attendees include a wide variety of door prizes and one top-secret gift for every attendee. One lucky attendee wins the Grand Prize. We all vote for the winner of the Best Speaker Award. The brain-tickling Programming Contest has its own prize. But most of the “goodies” that attendees gather during HHC’s are what’s learned during the talks, and during one-on-one chats with other attendees and with the HP representatives present.

Every HHC conference has addressed the future, what is needed, what is desired, and what is possible in the handheld programming arena. The HP representatives often share with us their own perspectives and plans, giving us the inside scoop on HP calculator history and current development. Just meeting the people who design these marvels is reason enough to attend. Learn about secrets hidden in your machine, and even challenge HP about perceived design flaws. It’s an opportunity available nowhere else.