The HHC 2008 Stuffing Party

The Conference Proceedings are prepared the day before the Conference (Friday, September 26, 2008) by volunteer attendees. All of the HHC 2008 materials are stuffed into the folders in a quick frenzy that we lovingly call “the stuffing party”... but the real party begins afterwards, as all early arrivers catch up on what’s happened since HHC 2007.

If you are arriving on Friday, September 26, and would like to chat with fellow HP-handheld enthusiasts, be sure to come to the hotel for the Stuffing Party!

The exact time of the Stuffing Party will appear here as soon as it is determined. Check back often!

LATE NOTE: The "Stuffing Party" was changed, at the last minute, to be early Saturday morning, right before the conference. Due to this late notice, the "stuffing" will be done entirely by the HHC Committee and a few hearty volunteers, so that the other attendees can get some extra sleep. ;-)