Conference Expenses


The HHC 2014 conference fee was collected at the conference check-in, not in advance. It was equal to the cost of the conference divided by the number of attendees: $10.

Until September 5, the hotel offered a special HHC 2014 room rate of $99 per night, single or double. See the details on the HHC 2014 hotel page.

The hotel offers FREE shuttle service between the airport and hotel, from 4:30am through midnight every day.


FridayDinnerTBA$$Optional pre-conference dinner for early arrivers
SaturdayBreakfastHotelComplimentary at hotel 6am-10am
LunchAt conferenceHosted by HP
DinnerAt conference
SundayBreakfastHotelComplimentary at hotel 6am-10am
LunchAt conferenceHosted by HP
DinnerTBA$$Optional, but most of us will be there
MondayBreakfastHotelOptional post-conference breakfast for late departers
Complimentary at hotel 6am-9:30am

Differences between HHC 2014 and DRJ Fall World 2014

Both conferences were in September 2014.

Our special conference rate for a hotel room per night was $99.
Their "special conference rate" for a hotel room per night was $235.

Our conference fee was $10.
Their conference fee was over $1000.

HHC 2014 no-shows were charged $0.
Fall World no-shows were charged over $1000.

Nobody needed a jacket or sweater at HHC 2014, but they did at Fall World.

They weren't allowed to wear shorts or jeans at Fall World.
We dressed comfortably at HHC 2014.