Conference Schedule

Optional Pre-Conference Activities
19 September 2014

Time Event Description and Notes
7:00 pm Pre-conference Dinner Denny's restaurant within walking distance from ther hotel.
After dinner Happy Hour(s) Optional: Early arrivers gather in hotel lobby and gab until wee hours.


Conference Day 1
20 September 2014

Time Event/Person Description and Notes
7:30 am Registration begins Register with Eric Rechlin at hotel conference room and pick up Conference materials; “Proceedings” (USB Drive), Articles, etc.
8:15 am Conference starts, announcements. Your registration materials are numbered. Save the blue ticket to put into the pot for the Sunday door prize drawing. Two Name labels are included, one for each day. Trading Corner.
8:30 am Attendee Introductions Keep it short — Name, where from, machines used, etc.
9:15 am Namir Shammas Bisection Plus Algorithms, Remembering Jack Stout.
10:00 am Break Introduce yourself to a new person
10:15 am Tim Wessman TBA
11:15 am Bob Prosperi Virtual Loops, PILS and LIF; An Update on HP-IL.
11:35 am Joseph Horn The Online LIF-Disk (O.L.D.) Project: Progress Report
12 noon Lunch in the Gallery Café.
1:00 pm Group Photo Quickly assemble in the meeting room. Tall people in the back. Please be extra sure the camera sees your whole face, not just your eyes.
1:20 pm Richard J. Nelson Equation Solving sans Computer, Calculator, or Slide Rule.
1:40 pm Geoff Quickfall Cloud fed: Sprinkle and Strew.
2:40 pm Jake Schwartz Calculator Odds and Ends
3:10 pm Break Introduce yourself to a second new person
3:30 pm David Ramsey Something, something, something Dark Side.
4:00 pm Namir Shammas Trisection Algorithms.
4:30 pm Eric Smith Scaled Reptiles from (Silicon) Laboratories.
5:30 pm Joseph Horn Hailstone Numbers: A Pattern Has Been Found.
6:00 pm Conference Dinner same place as lunch
7:00 pm Geoff Quickfall HP-41 Card reader drive wheel replacement demonstration.
7:45 pm Open Use as required
8:30 pm Open Use as required
9:00 pm End of First Day Drag off to bed; we will start early on Sunday.


Conference Day 2
21 September 2014

Time Event/Person Description and Notes
10:00 am Conference reconvenes Announcements, schedule changes, etc.
10:15 am Tim Wessman HP Q&A Session – with Cyrille de Brebisson via live video conferencing from France!
11:15 am Namir Shammas HP-41C Regression Program Generator – A surprise.
11:50 am Eric Rechlin General Project(s) Update.
12:10 pm Lunch Same place as yesterday.
1:00 pm Open Use as required
1:30 pm Open Use as required
2:00 pm Best Speaker Award Attendees vote.
2:15 pm Other contests conclude Results judged, winners announced
2:30 pm Door Prize Drawing Submit your blue ticket and keep your registration number handy.
3:30 pm Break Last chance to horse-trade door prizes and other goodies!
4:00 pm User’s Forum:
New Era Begins?
General HHUC Q & A; suggestions for HHC 2015; Community questions, problems & issues. Is USB Drive OK? Cloud Usage for Documentation. Are HHC’s Obsolete? HHC finances: We are financially ahead and shouldn't be.
5:00 pm Conference Concludes Have a safe trip home. Join us for breakfast tomorrow morning in the hotel restaurant if you can.
6:00 pm Post-conference dinner Texas Roadhouse restaurant


Optional Post-Conference Activities
22 September 2014

Time Event Description and Notes
8-9:30 am Post-conference Breakfast Late departers gather in the hotel restaurant and enjoy breakfast together.