Conference Expenses


The HHC 2016 conference fee will be collected at the conference check-in, not in advance. It will be equal to the cost of the conference divided by the number of attendees. Therefore it is impossible to calculate ahead of time. $50 is a good ballpark estimate, based on previous conferences.


The Cambria Suites "HHC 2016" special rate is $109.00 per night for one king-size bed or two queen-size beds. See the registration page for details.


Breakfast is included in the special HHC 2016 rate at Cambria Suites. The cost of the meals at HP is still being determined.

Friday DinnerTBA$$Optional pre-conference dinner for early arrivers
SaturdayBreakfastHotelComplimentary at hotel
LunchHPhosted by HP
SundayBreakfastHotelComplimentary at hotel
LunchHPhosted by HP
DinnerTBA$$Optional, but most of us will be there
MondayBreakfastHotelOptional post-conference breakfast for late departers