Location of the Conference

HP will host the HHC 2016 conference in their own facility at 3404 East Harmony in Fort Collins, Colorado, within easy walking distance (about 4/5 mile) from the hotel which has a van for transport to HP if needed in case of rain, etc.

Be sure to bring some form of photo ID to the conference to pass HP’s security; a driver's license suffices.

Fort Collins is a city in northern Colorado, about 50 miles north of Denver. Among other things, Fort Collins is famous for being the home of WWV, the most-listened-to radio station in the country! That’s because WWV is the shortwave radio station that broadcasts the continental US official time standard on 2.5, 5, 10, 15, & 20 MHz, kept in synch with the NIST atomic clock in nearby Boulder, Colorado. WWV shares its site with radio station WWVB that transmits carrier and time code (no voice) on 60 kHz in the LF ("longwave") band. All self-setting clocks (sometimes wrongly called “atomic clocks”) listen to WWV or WWVB to set themselves.