Prize Winners

The following prizes will be awarded at the end of the conference: Note: All of the prizes are donated by attendees, various vendors, and HP. If you have some HHC-type goody that you haven’t used in a long time, then bring it along to HHC 2018 and add it to the pile on the Door Prize table. It will find a home where it will be loved! If it’s something that needs explanation, the new owner would greatly appreciate it if you attach your contact information to it.

If you intend to donate a premium prize (more expensive or rare than typical door prizes), please tell Richard ahead of time so that he can add it to the list above.

Do you own some goodies that you don’t want to just give away, but are willing to trade for other goodies, if the right goodies came along? Then the HHC 2018 Trading Corner might be your golden opportunity! Check it out.