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 Name (A–Z) From     Presentation Title    
 1.Olivier ArbeyWA
 2.Bruce BergmanCA
 3.Craig BladowCO
 4.Mary BoetcherNV
 5.Bill ButlerCanada
 6.Thomas ChrapkiewiczCA  48G Sound
 7.Sylvain CoteCanada
 8.Jim DonnellyOR  Shop Projects Update: Cube Chess, Harmonic Transformer, Cometarium,
  Genaille-Lucas Rulers for × & ÷, and Napier's Bones  
 9.Felix GrossGermany 
 10.David HaydenNJ
 11.Roger HillCA
 12.Horst HoffmannGermany
 13.Joe HornCA
 14.Bruce Horrocks  England    • Impromptu Report from Across the Pond  
  • The HP 39g/49g Overhead Projector
 15.Jim JohnsonIN  Graphics on the DM42
 16.Lora MarschallOK
 17.Peter MarschallOK
 18.Charles McCordOR
 19.John MohnWA
 20.Richard J. NelsonAZ  • Is the End Here?  
  • Presentation of Recognition plaques (to Eric Rechlin, Namir Shammas, & Gene Wright)  
 21.Bob ProsperiNY  • New Calculator Announcement  
  • Woodstock Low Power and ConnKit  
 22.Geoff QuickfallCanada
 23.David RamseyNV  The Nature of Time  
 24.Eric RechlinTX  My Role as an Archivist, or: What's on the HHC USB Drives?  
 25.Günter SchinkGermany   Overview of the WP43C  
 26.Jake SchwartzNJ  What's New in the PPC Archive DVD  
 27.Richard SchwartzNV  % Change, Logarithms, and their interpolation  
 28.Namir ShammasVA  • Newton Method Interpolations  
  • Multi-Variable Solver  
  • The Scout Evolutionary Optimization method  
 29.Joey ShepardVA  DIY Calculators
 30.Eddie ShoreCA
 31.Eric SmithCO
 32.Jeremy SmithOR  Cubic Chess Set
 33.David ThompsonNV