Conference Expenses

Conference fee

The HHC 2024 conference fee will be collected at the conference check-in, not in advance. It will be equal to the total cost of the conference divided by the number of attendees. Therefore it is impossible to calculate ahead of time, but as you all know, prices of everything have gone up. $100-$120 is a rough ballpark guesstimate.

This fee must be paid in cash. We have no ability to process credit cards or checks.


The hotel is offering a special HHC 2024 room rate of $185.00 (all taxes and fees included) per night, single or double. See the details on the HHC 2024 hotel page.


Note: The hotel offers shuttles to/from a nearby shopping center with many dining choices.
When What Where Cost Comments
Friday Dinner TBA $$ Optional pre-conference dinner for early arrivers
Saturday Breakfast Hotel At hotel 6am-10am
Lunch At conference Included in conference fee
Dinner Visit local restaurants $$  
Sunday Breakfast Hotel At hotel 6am-10am
Lunch At Conference  
Dinner TBA $$ Optional, but most of us will be there
Monday Breakfast Hotel Optional post-conference breakfast for late departers
At hotel 6am-9:30am