Conference Schedule

The schedule of events for HHC 2024 will not be finalized until a few days before the conference. Check back here at that time.
Meanwhile, you may wish to check out what actually happened last conference at HHC 2023; its schedule will give you a good idea of how HHC conferences flow.

21 September 2024

Time Event/Person Description and Notes Link to presentation video
7:30 am Registration / Bob Prosperi Register and pick up Conference materials, "Proceedings" (USB Drive), Programming Contest, etc.  
8:00 am Conference starts,
Your registration materials are numbered. Two name labels are included, one for each day. Save the blue ticket to put into the pot for the Sunday door prize drawing. Place any door prizes you donate on the door prize table. See Bob for Trading Corner details.  
8:15 am Gene Wright Programming Contests  
8:30 am Attendee Introductions Keep short: Name, where from, machines used.  
9:20 am Bob Prosperi Prize Table / Trading / Donation Notes  
9:25 am Eric Rechlin What's New on the HHC 2024 USB Drive Video
9:50 am Break Introduce yourself to a new person  
11:45 am Group Photo Quickly assemble in front of the room. Tall people in the back. Please be extra that sure the camera sees your WHOLE face, not just your eyes.  
12:00 pm Lunch Lunch is included and served in place.  
3:00 pm Break    
6:15 pm Dinner Dinner at local restaurants  
9:45 pm End of first day Drag off to bed; we will start earlier than normal on Sunday because of a very full schedule.  


22 September 2024

Time Event/Person Description and Notes Link to presentation video  
8:20 am Conference reconvenes Announcements, schedule changes, etc.  
12:00 pm Lunch Lunch is included and is served in place.  
4:00 pm Break Ask that last question of your new friends. We are near the end.  
5:10 pm Best Speaker Award Attendees Vote  
5:25 pm Door Prize Drawing Submit your blue ticket and keep your registration number on your proceedings handy. Each person will win at least one prize.  
6:25 pm User's Forum General HPUC Q & A, suggestions for HHC 2025 – Are Committee members getting tired?  
6:55 pm Conference Concludes After helping clean up the room, have a safe trip home! Join us for breakfast tomorrow morning (usually the next conference is discussed).  

23 September 2024

Time Event/Person Description and Notes
6:00-9:30 am Optional post-conference breakfast in hotel restaurant. Additional post-conference activities are likely to be scheduled; check back here for news on new events. Bid farewell