How to Sign Up to Give a Talk

Want to give a talk at HHC 2024? Here’s how to sign up:

  1. When you register to attend, let us know that you wish to give a talk by specifying its proposed title.
  2. If its title changes, let David Ramsey know ASAP!
  3. Submit your paper electronically before the September 7 deadline. Click here for details on how to submit your paper.
  4. Bring everything you’ll need for your talk, except for the items provided for the use of all speakers, namely:
    • Laptop running Windows, with PowerPoint installed
    • LCD Projector & Screen
    • Flip charts (up to two) as needed
    • Sound system with two (2) microphones - one handheld and one lavaliere/lapel
    • Surge protectors and extension cords as needed
Please note: All attendees pay the same registration fee, including speakers and committee members.

A list of the expected talks can be seen in the table of registered attendees.