Trading Corner


The HHC Trading Corner is an area in the conference meeting room set aside for attendees to post and share lists of their calculators, manuals, accessories, ROM applications, etc. that they would like to trade for other similar items as well as lists of items each person wants to acquire by trading.

The goals are simple: to provide a forum for attendees to exchange items to add to their collections, find new homes for items they no longer need or use, but mostly to have fun. We all collect these tools to a greater or lesser extent, so let’s do a little preparation organizing some lists of the items to trade, and then by posting and sharing copies at the conference, arrange for and negotiate trades to benefit each other, meet new people, and acquire more toys. Er... Tools.

If we have enough room, there may be an opportunity to display your items for trade. Space is always a challenge at the HHC so this may not be available, but we will do our best to have some.

If you wish to participate, please prepare a list of the items you would like to trade for other items, and a separate list of the items you would like to acquire via trade. Sample blank forms can be downloaded below. Excel files are provided to edit and fill in with your item details, and PDF forms are also provided if you prefer to print out and fill-in by hand. There is also a sample PDF file provided with examples of possible ways to complete the forms note these are merely suggestions of possible ways to describe your items; feel free to fill out the forms (or even create your own) however you prefer.

Rules of Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to participate in the Trading Corner?
A: No, no one has to participate; it’s just an extension of the HHC conference to add some fun.

Q: Can I sell my items instead of trading?
A: No one wishes to control what you choose to do, however the intention is to encourage sharing and exchanging lists of items to trade, not to sell or purchase. Other channels exist for selling and buying.

Q: I have some awesome tools, 2 slide rules and a book on algorithms; should I include them in my lists?
A: Sure, anything you think that may of interest to this group can be included. If you love it, odds are other attendees will too. Maybe create separate lists for these different items.

Q: Do I have to bring everything I want to trade to the HHC?
A: No. Although it is certainly more convenient to trade items you have on-hand, and things like each item’s condition is more easily seen than explained, the sheer volume of stuff makes it inconvenient or impossible for some attendees to bring it all. The Corner will primarily be for negotiating and arranging trades, which can then be consummated between the traders by mail, etc. after returning home. That being said, please do bring as much as you can carry, though you may also be carrying some of it home.

Sample Forms for Download