HP Handheld Users
Conference 2000

9-10 September 2000
Los Angeles, California
Ramada Plaza Hotel (near LAX)


What was HHC 2000?

HHC 2000 was the 24th international HP Handheld Conference of users of handheld computers and programmable calculators, especially those made by Hewlett Packard.  These conferences are two-day marathons that are organized by, attended by, funded by, and produced by enthusiasts of handheld programming, and are independent of Hewlett Packard and all other companies. Tips, tricks, routines and software are freely shared by all. The “Proceedings” not only contain the text of the well-prepared talks, but also many other goodies collected during the preceding year.

The HP49G was introduced in the USA by Hewlett Packard at HHC 1999 in Vancouver, Washington. Therefore, HHC 2000 was especially dedicated to the HP49G from the users’ point of view. Those who owned an HP49G or any other programmable handheld enjoyed the camaraderie, and learned a lot too.

“Goodies” for all attendees include various door prizes (with a prize-per-attendee ratio of 153%!), a CD packed with HP49G software, and many other surprises. All teachers who attended received a large poster of the HP49G (keyboard and display), custom made for HHC 2000 for classroom use!

Here’s just one example of the kind of cool things available only at HHC 2000. Since the new HP40G is only sold in Europe, and the new HP39G is only sold in North America, some attendees took advange of the one-time-only HHC 2000 HP39/40 Swap being arranged by Wlodek.

Table of “HHC” conferences and mini-conferences.

When was HHC 2000?

HHC 2000 was held on the weekend of September 9-10, 2000. There was the traditional, informal gathering and no-host dinner on the previous evening (Friday 8 September 2000) open to anyone (whether attending the conference or not), as well as the traditional, informal gathering and no-host breakfast on the following Monday morning.

Where was HHC 2000?

In Los Angeles, California, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel* near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Reasonably-priced meals are available at “Chappies” restaurant in the hotel; most Conference attendees ate there. The Saturday evening Conference Dinner was held, as always, at a fine restaurant in the vicinity.

The Ramada Plaza Hotel is located at 5250 West El Segundo Boulevard in Hawthorne (Los Angeles), California. Hotel accommodations include voice mail, two-line telephones with speaker capabilities and data ports, complementary cable TV, coffee makers, hair dryers, and ironing boards with irons.  Complimentary fresh fruit in the lobby.  Parking is in the hotel parking structure.  Daily visitors should park under Chappies by entering the small parking lot on El Segundo Boulevard, turning left, and entering the underground garage by turning right as you head towards the freeway.

Waterfall outside of Meeting Room
Waterfall outside of meeting room.
Meeting Room entrance from 3rd Floor
Meeting room entrance from third floor.
Chappies Restaurant entrance
Chappies Restaurant entrance.

Who was at HHC 2000?

HHC 2000 Organizing Committee:
Name City Email Responsible for
Joseph K. Horn* Silverado CA Web Site
Ted Kerber Tollhouse CA Registration
Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz London UK EuropeanUsers;
HP39/40 Swap
Richard J. Nelson Valencia CA Proceedings
Jake Schwartz Cherry Hill NJ Video Taping
David Shier Newport Beach CA Pocket PC’s;
Saturday Dinner
* Unfortunately unable to attend, due to sickness.

Partial Speaker List:

All of the Organizing Committee members (see above); also Vern Lindsay, Brian Walsh, Eric Smith, Dennis York, Marc Staps, Paul Hubbert, Gary Friedman, Gilberto Urroz, and more!

Table of registered attendees.

How much did it cost to attend HHC 2000?

Conference: $60 per person in advance or at the door. All attendees were asked to pre-register with Ted Kerber so we could get a close head count, but there were many last-minute people, and that caused grief and unexpected costs. [Note to selves for next year: handle pre-registration differently! -jkh-]

Ramada Plaza Hotel: $69 plus 8% tax, single or double (special "HHC 2000" rate). Many attendees doubled up to split their hotel cost.

Why do people attend HP Handheld Conferences?

You want reasons? Here’s a baker’s dozen:
  1. It’s fun! It’s cool! It’s awesome! It’s boss! It’s far out and solid! It’s tubular! It’s tight! It’s outta sight! It’s nifty! It’s keen! It’s the cat’s pajamas! It’s dandy! It’s a riot! It’s 23-skiddoo! It’s a blast! It’s the happening place! It’s delightful! It’s delectable! It’s delicious! And so on.
  2. It’s cheaper than what you’d probably wind up doing that weekend otherwise!
  3. Many of us have been doing this for many years and are old-time friends!
  4. Meeting new friends with similar interests is a huge pleasure, especially when they turn out to be as geeky and socially inept as you are, and are proud of it!
  5. To get the biggest, best-documented conference proceedings ever — hundreds  of pages!
  6. Everyone comes away from these conferences with useful new knowledge and personal contacts, both of which are priceless!
  7. Meet many of the Big Names of the comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup face to face and chat all weekend with them!
  8. Nobody has ever stated that they regretted going to one of these Conferences, but many have bemoaned not going! Life is short! Seize the opportunity!
  9. Win cool door prizes! (Last year one of the prizes was a color HP Jornada! Jean-Yves Avenard won a stylish “HP Calculators” hat!)
  10. Get secret “inside” information about HP products (past, present and future!) and their competitors!
  11. Start wild rumors and watch with sadistic glee as everybody takes you seriously!
  12. It’s 48 solid hours of the highest mind-to-mind information transfer rate physically possible! Most of us don’t even go to sleep Saturday night!
  13. Learn how to pronounce Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz’s name!