The Future Beheld!

Hewlett-Packard Handheld Conference
25-26 September 2004
Radisson Hotel
San Jose Airport, California
(see details below)

Is HP on the threshold of handhelds like this?

Richard Nelson’s Introduction

Richard Nelson says, “If you are a serious HP user/fan and you want to meet with, learn from, and contribute to the people active in the HP User Community, you may want to come to San Jose, California, the last weekend in September and attend HHC 2004.”

Richard’s complete introduction to HHC 2004 is available in two formats:
Microsoft WORD (DOC) format (218K): HHC_2004.doc
Adobe ACROBAT (PDF) format (105K): HHC_2004.pdf

Speaker's Schedule & Presentation Details

Speakers' Schedule (MS Word document)

Presentation Details (MS Word document)


The registration fee for the conference was $45. This included the HHC 2004 Dinner on Saturday!

Registration was “at the door,”. We greatly appreciated those who sent us their names ahead of time so that we could plan ahead.

Radisson Hotel Factoids

Custom Dinner Menus

Created by Executive Chef Joseph Rodriguez
For the HHC 2004 Dinner (Saturday evening)

Begin the evening with a Caesar Salad served with House Made Croutons and Shaved Parmesan

We will then move on to your Entrée.
The Chef is offering us the following choices:

Herb Crusted Chicken with a Pepppercorn Caper Sauce and Mashed Potatoes
Pistachio Crusted Baked Wild Pacific Salmon on a Bed of Roasted Couscous with a Balsamic Reduction
Top Sirloin Center Cut with a Chipolte Citrus Glace

A vegetarian meal is also available.

All entrees Served with Starch, Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Rolls and Butter

Freshly Brewed Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Hot Assorted Teas or Iced Tea

and Dessert (Ted likes their flan!)

Conference Committee


  1. Dennis Belillo
  2. Jaime Bobof
  3. Bill Butler
  4. Martin Cohen
  5. Monte Dalrymple
  6. Cyrille de Brebisson (HP)
  7. Art Garcia (HP)
  8. Roke Ghodsi (HP)
  9. Larry Gill
  10. Dave Hicks
  11. Roger Hill
  12. Jim Horn
  13. Joe Horn
  14. Paul Hubbert
  15. Phyllis Kerber
  16. Ted Kerber
  17. Thomas P Kline
  18. Luan Le
  19. Vern Lindsay
  20. Peter Marschall
  21. Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz
  22. Karl Moerder
  23. Richard Nelson
  24. Eric Rechlin
  25. Jake Schwartz
  26. Richard Schwartz
  27. Namir Shammas
  28. David Shier
  29. Eric Smith
  30. Jeremy Smith
  31. Tim Wessman
  32. Gene Wright
  33. Bertram Zinner

Speaker List

  1. Bill Butler: How I use my HP-XX
  2. Martin Cohen: SUN, Writing Programs For the HP33S, Linear equations, Bit fiddling, Sorting
  3. Monte Dalrymple: The NEWT (NUT, Expanded, With Turbo) microprocessor and 41CL calculator
  4. Cyrille de Brebisson-HP: SUN, Technical issues related to HP’s calculators
  5. Joseph Horn: PDQ Reaches The Final Goal of Mathematical Exactitude
  6. Paul Hubbert: Latest Electronics Handheld Toy Bargains, Battery & Flight Simulator update A 2.2 GB microdrive $142 delivered.
  7. Ted Kerber: Third-Party Applications for the HP49G+, Software on SD Cards?
  8. Wlodek MJ: TBD, Report on Copenhagen Educators’ Conference in July 2004?
  9. Richard J. Nelson: Personal Low Cost Book Binding System, Printing Those CD Manuals.
  10. Richard J. Nelson: Superman looks at the HP17BII - Power Point If time allows. You have not seen this!
  11. Eric Rechlin: The History and Operation of HPCALC.ORG
  12. Jake Schwartz: Proper Calculator Keyboards and Attachable Overlays, Power Point.
  13. David Shier: Present and Future PDA’s, Those “other” handhelds
  14. Eric Smith: Update on Microcode Simulation of Early HP Calculators, With Demo.
  15. Gene Wright: SAT, Calculating Contrast, Comparing HP’s New Keyboards.

Conference Schedule


7:15 AM Registration set up
7:45 AM Registration starts / Donation $45, get Conference materials.
8:15 AM Richard Nelson & Ted Kerber / Announcements.
8:30 AM Attendees/ Introductions.
9:15 AM Attendees / Group Photograph
9:35 AM Cyrile de Biebisson (HP) /Special Announcement
9:50 AM Break / Introduce yourself to at least one new person.
10:10 AM Martin Cohen / Programming the HP33S
10:55 AM Bill Butler / How I Use My HP-XX
11:25 AM Richard Nelson / Superman Looks At The HP17BII+
12:00 PM Lunch / Local (on your own) OR join us on the shuttle
1:30 PM Gene wright / Calculating Contrast
2:00 PM Tony Jones & Cyrille de Brebisson / What's Happening Now?
2:45 PM All of the HP folks / HP Forum Q&A. A rare opportunity to "Ask HP".
3:30 PM Break / Introduce yourself to a second new person.
3:45 PM Joseph K. Horn / PDQ Unbound: No More Limitations
4:30 PM Dave Hicks / The Hitchicker's Guide to the HP Museum
5:00 PM Ted Kerber / Third Party Applications for the HP49G+
5:30 PM Adjourn for dinner / Take a few minutes to relax before dinner.
6:00 PM All Attendees / Conference Dinner in the Hotel.
8:30 PM Richard J. Nelson, Paul Hubbert et al. / Demonstrations, and presentations, etc. - the detailed serious stuff.
11:00 PM Conference room closed & locked / Drag off to bed; we don't start as early on Sunday.


10:00 AM Conference reconvenes / Announcements, schedule changes, etc.
10:10 AM Monte Dalrymple / The NEWT (Nut, Extended, with Turbo) Micro-processor and 41CL Calculator
10:50 AM David Shier / Present and Future PDA's
11:30 AM Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz / 10 things a Calculator will Never Do
12:10 PM Lunch / Local (on your own) OR join us on the shuttle
1:30 PM Eric Rechlin / The History and Operation of
2:00 PM Eric Smith / Update on Microcode simulation of Early HP Calculators
2:40 PM Jake Schwartz / Proper Calculator Keyboards and attachable Overlays
3:25 PM Break - turn in your Program / Introduce yourself to your third new friend.
3:45 PM Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz / Report on ICME 2004 Conference for Maths Educators in Copenhagen
4:10 PM Best Speaker Award / Attendees vote.
4:25 PM Door Prize Drawing / Keep your binder number handy.
5:00 PM User's forum / General HPUC Q & A, suggestions for HHC 2004, Community questions, problems & issues.
6:00 PM Conference Concludes / Conference room closed & locked.

Local Eateries

The restaurants are all within walking distace (0.6 mi) of the hotel, and the list tells you what they are. The vicinity map shows the various freeways, roads and streets. The light-rail runs along First Street, just to the west of the hotel, and will take you to the downtown area (more restaurants, such as Original Joe’s) and several attractions. There is also a Fry’s Electronic store nearby.

In addition to the restaurants listed below, there is a good, reasonably priced restaurant close by, with a very varied lunch menu. We have arrangements for the hotel shuttle to take a group there, and pick us up after lunch. If there’s enough interest, the same thing can be worked out for Sunday, or even for breakfast on Sunday morning (they open at 7:00 on Sunday).

Partial Prize List

Yes, we followed the tradition of giving “door prizes” and other prizes to attendees. Here’s a partial list of the goodies that were on the Prize Table this year.

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Photos from Last Year’s Conference

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