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HP Handheld Conference
Nostalgia and the Cutting Edge!

17-18 September 2005
Franklin Park, IL (USA)

Final Conference Report
by Richard J. Nelson
November 3, 2005
(778K PDF)

What was HHC 2005?

HHC 2005 was the 29th international HP Handheld Conference of users of handheld computers and programmable calculators, especially those made by Hewlett Packard. These conferences are two-day marathons that are organized by, attended by, funded by, and produced by enthusiasts of handheld programming ("couch hacking"), and are independent of Hewlett Packard and all other companies. Tips, tricks, routines and software are freely shared by all. The Proceedings not only contain the text of the well-prepared talks, but also many other goodies collected during the preceding year.

Speaker Schedule

Door Prize List

When was HHC 2005?

September 17 and 18, 2005 (Saturday and Sunday)

Saturday - 9:30 AM until 6:00 PM

Sunday - 10:30 AM until 4:00 PM

There was also be an informal pre-conference gathering on Friday evening at Ace Metal. And for those who didn’t leave on Sunday, there was a breakfast gathering on Monday.

Where was HHC 2005?

Training Facilities at Ace Metal Crafts, 10550 Anderson Place, Franklin Park, IL 60131. (This is just a few miles south of O'Hare International Airport.)

Super 8 Motel at 3010 N Mannheim is about two blocks away, and is about $55 per night, with a shuttle to O'Hare. 847-288-0600.

The Comfort Inn is also about two blocks away. It also has an airport shuttle. Comfort Inn, 3001 N. Mannheim Road, Franklin Park, IL, US, 60131, Phone: (847) 233-9292, Fax: (847) 233-9255.

How Much Did It Cost?

Nothing! There was no cost for the meeting place, and no meals were included. The Saturday lunch was paid for by HP, and the Saturday dinner was “Dutch treat”.

Was HP There?

Yes, Hewlett-Packard reps participated again this year, giving technical presentations as well as marketing and Q&A sessions like they have provided at the last three conferences.

How Do I Register to Attend HHC 2005?

You can’t, because it’s over. Sorry!

User Group News

July 17, 2005: The HP User Group "Interex" goes defunct. Stories here:

  1. Interex's announcement on their website.
  2. Pertinent observations by:
    1. Doug Mecham, founder of Interex and charter member of PPC.
    2. Richard Nelson, founder of PPC.
    3. Don Tennant, Editor in Chief of Computerworld.
    4. The Ontario Empoblog.