HHC 2012 Attendees

  Name (A–Z)  From  Presentation Title
 1.Olivier ArbeyWA
 2.Pavneet AroraCanada  “Re-tooling the Calculating Tool”
 3.Bill ButlerCanada
 4.Brenda (Tis) ChrapkiewczMI
 5.Thomas ChrapkiewczMI
 6.Warren FurlowGA  “The HP-41 is Alive and Well”
 7.Rick FurrVA  “The Making of The HPv2 Poster”
 8.Felix GrossGermany  “Where can you find the history of calculator applications?”
 9.Palmer HansonNC  “Calculating Before Calculators”
 10.David HaydenNJ
 11.Tom HearnNC
 12.Roger HillIL
 13.Joseph HornCA
 14.Brion KellerNY
 15.Matt KernalOR
 16.Thomas KlineIA
 17.Vern LindsayID
 18.Lora MarschallOK
 19.Peter MarschallOK
 20.Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz  England  “Is It Really a Pathetic Name?”
 21.Mike MorrowAL
 22.Richard NelsonAZ“Tablets vs. HP Calculators” (w/ Gene Wright)
and “Measuring Calculator Current”
 23.Bob PattonTX
 24.Cam PattonTX
 25.David RamseyNV
 26.Mary RamseyNV
 27.Philip ReaganTX
 28.Eric RechlinTX
 29.Günter SchinkGermany
 30.Jake SchwartzNJ  “WP-34S and the HP Calculator Way”
 31.Namir ShammasVA“Calculator Root Finding: Scan Range Method”
and “Variable Sampling Integration”
 32.Eddie ShoreCA
 33.Eric SmithCA  “Even Larger Scaled Reptiles of the Nordic Countries”
 34.Patrice TorchetFrance
 35.Jeff TurnerOH
 36.Brian WalshIL
 37.Katie WessmanCO
 38.Tim WessmanCO  “Promoting Healthy Foliage Growth in Gymnosperms”
 39.Jackie WolderingOH“Converting HP-41C Programs to PDF”
and “The Raspberry Pi”
 40.Mary WolderingOH
 41.Gene WrightTN  “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”