Conference Schedule

As always, the conference did not exactly follow the tentative schedule. The following table records the actual times at which each event happened.

22 September 2012

Time Event/Person Description and Notes
7:30 am Registration Register with Gene Wright and pick up Conference materials; “Proceedings” (USB Drive), Articles, etc.
8:15 am Conference starts, announcements. Your registration materials are numbered. Save the blue ticket to put into the pot for the Sunday the door prize drawing. Two Name labels are included, one for each day.
8:30 am Attendee Introductions Keep short Name, where from, Machines used, etc. - 30 seconds.
9:00 am Jake Schwartz “WP-34S and the HP Calculator Way”
9:25 am Gene Wright “Tablets vs. HP Calculators”
10:20 am Break Introduce yourself to a new person.
10:55 am Namir Shammas “Calculator Root Finding: Scan Range Method”
11:15 am Roger Hill “The Wrongulator”
11:30 am Group Photo Say “cheese” or “RPN” or anything else that makes you smile.
12:00 pm Lunch Lunch is in the adjoining room.
1:10 pm Richard Nelson “Measuring HP Calculator Current”
1:50 pm Palmer Hanson “Calculating Before Calculators”
2:20 pm Warren Furlow “The HP-41 is Alive and Well”
2:30 pm Felix Gross “Where Can you Find the History of Calculator Applications?”
3:00 pm Break Introduce yourself to a second new person.
3:30 pm Pavneet Arora “Re-tooling the Calculating Tool” (or “Anti-Convergence”)
4:15 pm Break point Hardware interrupt
4:25 pm Tim Wessman of HP “Promoting Healthy Foliage Growth in Gymnosperms.” Attendee participation is vital.
6:15 pm Dinner Dinner is in the same room as Lunch
7:20 pm Katie Wessman “Show and Tell”
7:30 pm Gene Wright “These are a Few of My Favorite Things”
8:10 pm Jackie Woldering “Converting HP-41C Programs to PDF — PPC barcode lives on”
8:40 pm Eric Smith “Even Larger Scaled Reptiles of the Nordic Countries”
9:15 pm Namir Shammas “Curve Fitting with Least Squares Relative Errors”
9:45 pm End of First Day Drag off to bed; we don't start as early on Sunday.

23 September 2012

Time Event/Person Description and Notes
10:10 am Conference reconvenes Announcements, schedule changes, etc.
10:15 am Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz “Is it Really a Pathetic Name?”
10:40 am Namir Shammas “Variable Sampling Integration”
11:00 am Rick Furr “The Making of The HPv2 Poster”
11:30 pm Jackie Woldering “Raspberry Pi”
12:00 pm Lunch Same as yesterday.
1:40 pm HP Q&A Session Ask HP’s Tim Wessman the questions you want.
3:00 pm Best Speaker Award Attendees vote.
3:15 pm Programming Contest Award Results judged, winners announced.
3:20 pm Door Prize Drawing Submit your blue ticket and keep your registration number on your proceedings handy. Each person should win.
4:00 pm Break
4:45 pm User’s Forum: New Era Begins? General HPUC Q & A; suggestions for HHC 2013; Community questions; problems & issues. Is USB Drive OK? Post Conf.?
5:40 pm Conference Concludes Have a safe trip home. Join us for breakfast tomorrow morning (usually the next conference is discussed). Time & place to be announced.
6:00 pm Tennessee BBQ dinner!