Conference Schedule

The following is the schedule of events as they actually happened, which differs slightly from the "official" schedule handed out before the conference.

16 September 2017

Time Event/Person Description and Notes
7:30 am Registration Register with Gene Wright and pick up Conference materials, "Proceedings" (32 GB USB Drive), RPN & RPL Contest, etc.
8:15 am Conference starts,
Your registration materials are numbered. Save the blue ticket to put into the pot for the Sunday door prize drawing. Place any door prizes you donate on the door prize table.
8:20 am Attendee
Keep short – Name, where from, Machines used, etc. <60 seconds.
8:45 am Jim Johnson HP-25 LP: Panamatikís New Woodstock Low-Power Upgrade Kit.
9:10 am Break Introduce yourself to a new person.
9:25 am Tim Wessman New HP-42S Replacement?
11:05 pm Gene Wright Non-HP Desktop Scientific Calculators
11:20 am Group Photo Quickly assemble in the meeting room. Tall people in the back. Please be extra that sure the camera sees your WHOLE face, not just your eyes.
11:35 am Break Recuperate from the stress of the group photo.
12:00 pm Lunch Lunch is in the adjoining room.
1:00 pm Gene Wright New ROMs for the HP-41CL.
1:15 pm Sylvain Cote 41CL Self-Update.
2:15 pm Daniel McDonald "The End is Near" (or, "I love Pessimism")
2:50 pm Break Introduce yourself to a second new person.
3:20 pm Bob Prosperi Searching... for calculators.
4:20 pm Namir Shammas PRNGs For Calculators.
5:15 pm Eric Rechlin HP Calculator Archive Twentieth Anniversary.
6:00 pm Dinner Dinner is in the same room as Lunch
7:00 pm Gene Wright Donít Make Me Wait.
7:45 pm Gene Wright Commodore Scientific Calculators.
8:15 pm Richard Nelson Not So Simple Power Calculations.
9:15 pm End of First Day Drag off to bed; we don't start as early on Sunday.

17 September 2017

Time Event/Person Description and Notes
10:10 am Conference reconvenes Announcements, schedule changes, etc.
10:20 am Richard Schwartz Log Tables
11:00 am Bob Prosperi HP-75 Update
12:00 pm Lunch Same place as yesterday.
1:00 am Namir Shammas Halley-Ostrowski Root-Seeking Method
1:20 pm Eric Rechlin What's on the HHC 2017 thumb drive
1:40 pm Jake Schwartz EduCALC: A Look Back.
2:50 pm Eddie Shore Extending the HP-12C: Programming for Scientific applications.
3:20 pm Don Shepherd Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate.
4:10 pm Best Speaker Award Attendees vote.
4:15 pm Other Contests
Results judged, winners announced.
4:20 pm Door Prize Drawing Submit your blue ticket and keep your registration number on your proceedings handy. Each person will win at least one prize.
4:50 pm Break Ask that last question of your new friends. We are near the end.
5:20 pm User's Forum General HPUC Q & A; suggestions for HHC 2018 (Monte suggests San Francisco Bay area).
6:00 pm Conference Concludes After helping clean up the room, have a safe trip home! Join us for breakfast in the hotel tomorrow morning (usually the next conference is discussed).
6:30 pm Informal post-
conference dinner
Location: various