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List of Registered Attendees

Last revised on 24 September 2007

The following folks have used the Online Registration Form (or contacted Gene directly) and let us know that they MIGHT be attending HHC 2007. This helps us plan everything according to the size that the conference will PROBABLY be. The Conference Committee thanks all of you!

NameSpeaker?Prob. of
Tentative Presentation Title
1.Pavneet Arora100%
2.Jean-Yves Avenard100%EDGE: EmbeDded Graphic Engine
3.Guy Ball95%
4.Den Belillo99.4%
5.Ana Bergman100%
6.Bruce Bergman95%
7.Gregg Bergman100%
8.Paul Brogger90%
9.Jeff Bronfield99%More Electric Power System calculator applications (co-author John Cadick)
10.Bill Butler95%
11.John Cadick99%Update on electrical power engineering calculator applications
12.Gary Cain95%
13.Martin Cohen100%What I Would Change In The hp35s
14.John Fedel80%
15.Gary Friedman100%
16.Larry Gill100%
17.William Graves100%
18.Felix Gross90%
19.Paul Gyore99%
20.Roger Hazelden75%
21.Dave Hicks98%
22.Roger Hill99%
23.Bruce Horrocks100%(Proposal for) A simple scientific calculator
24.Paul Hubbert110%
25.Anthony Intrieri90%
26.Geir Isene88.3%
27.John Keith60%
28.Ted Kerber100%The 35S And It's Expandable Power
29.Matt Kernal100%
30.Thomas Kline100%
31.Joel Kolstad100%
32.Meindert Kuipers0% (?)(Howard Owen presenting Meindert's material)
33.Ricardo Lazzari90%
34.Vern Lindsay997
35.Paul M.100%
36.Lora Marschall100%
37.Peter Marschall100%
38.David Marsh100%
39.Alain Mellan65%
40.Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz 80%"Would Einstein Have Used One?"
41.Andreas Möller100%TreeBrowser - another approach to your Equation Library
42.Seth Morabito100%
43.Carl Morris100%
44.Jack Neely95%
45.Paul Nelson75%
46.Richard J. Nelson100%33 Years Of User Community Accomplishments
47.Jeff O.90%
48.Jim Olson90%
49.Donald O'Rourke100%
50.Howard Owen95%MLDL2000 and HEPAX How-To (HP41)
51.Philip Reagan75%
52.Eric Rechlin100%
53.Mark Ringrose75%
54.Andres Rodriguez80%
55.Ron Ross80%
56.Karl Schneider90%
57.Jake Schwartz100%Cupertino to Corvallis to Singapore to Australia to San Diego: Are We There Yet?
58.Richard Schwartz100%
59.David Shaffer100%
60.Namir Shammas100%Extended Best Linearized Regression
61.Don Shepherd100%TI-NSpire CAS calculator demonstration
62.Edward Shore75%
63.Eric Smith99%How to make a small fortune engineering new calculators
64.Jeremy Smith100%
65.Aristotle Spyropoulos100%
66.Hugh Steers75%Real 21st Century Calculation
67.Gary Tenzer100%
68.Stephen Thomas98.6°
69.Frank Travis100%
70.Brian Walsh90%
71.Katie Wessman100%
72.Tim Wessman100%Square Peg --> Round Hole: Challenges of Modelling the Round Earth on a Flat Plane
73.Donald Williams100%
74.Joerg Woerner100%
75.Gene Wright100%(To Be Announced)
76.Eric Zeisel75%
77.Bertram Zinner99.9%

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