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Guidelines for Papers

To submit your paper, please follow these guidelines:

By September 8th, Prepare at least a simple summary or outline and email it to [email protected] .

One of the objectives of the Conference is to document how and why we come together and what we talk about. This could be a minimum of a single page. We will print any materials you prepare and bind them into a Proceedings IF you get them to us in hand by September 10th. After that date you will have to bring at least 70 copies with you to hand out during the Conference. A Word format (preferred) or *.pdf format is fine. A Power Point Presentation is also acceptable.

Email these to: [email protected]

See below for a sample MS Word file from which to work.

 Topics  Papers may be about anything related to the use or design of programmable handheld computing devices, especially (but not limited to) those made by Hewlett-Packard.

Papers in previous HHC Proceedings have been primarily about techniques (hardware, software, and implementation issues); system design; specific applications (from serious work to leisurely pastimes); evaluation of HP designs; emulators; and collectors’ information.

 Paper Format 

Please download and use this sample MS Word file for your conference paper

 Paper Length  There is no limit to paper length, but a paper will be rejected by the Committee if its concept-per-page ratio is too low.

 Color  The Conference Proceedings are produced in black and white. If your paper contains any color pages, then you must, at your own expense, produce enough copies of those pages for inclusion in every copy of the Proceedings. We must have them in hand by the evening before the Conference, in time for the traditional Proceedings Binder Stuffing Party.

 Review Process  Papers are peer-reviewed by the Conference Committee. Please note that no paper has ever been edited or rejected for any of our past conferences.

All papers submitted to HHC 2007 should be original, unpublished work. Any paper that has been previously published in equivalent or substantially similar form by any other conference or in any other journal may be rejected. This is not an absolute rule and any paper that meets the goal of the Conference will be considered. Copyrights to others have to be respected.

Submissions are treated as confidential communications during the review process, so submission does not constitute public disclosure of any ideas therein. Submissions should contain no information or materials that will be proprietary or confidential at the time of publication (September 29, 2007), and should cite no publications that are proprietary or confidential at the time of publication.

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