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The HHC 2009 Logo

HHC 2009 has no official logo at this time. However, the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the HP-41 system (1979-2009) is one of the unifying themes for the Conference. That is why this website features HP-41 “screen captures” on every page, and its menu buttons are modeled on the 4th row of the HP-41 keyboard. Feel free to use any of the images on this website as an unofficial logo for HHC 2009, especially the “display” appearing above, and the versions of it that appear at the bottom of this page.

Old timers might enjoy attempting to identify the various HP-41 displays that are used throughout this website. Some of them are animated, such as the tribute to Bill Wickes on the home page. All of the displays refer to real HP-41 operations at varying levels of expertise and/or fanaticism. Some of the displays cannot be created on an HP-41 except by low-level programming. All were created on a background of an actual photograph of my HP-41CX’s LCD, except for the six at the bottom of this page. Suggestions for other interesting HP-41 displays, especially arcane or famous ones, are most welcome, and would make great additions to this website.

Important note regarding an official HHC 2009 logo

HHC 2009 will be primarily about topics other than the HP-41. However, the HP-41 does represent a very important current topic, namely, what should HP be developing today? Here is that topic in a nutshell:

The HP-41 was a revolutionary “next generation” handheld from HP, introducing a whole new paradigm for handheld computing. But that was 30 years ago. The HP Handheld User Community (that’s us!) is now begging HP to make another leap forward to yet another “next generation” handheld... an HP-41 for the 21st century, as it were. Ah, but what should the next generation HP handheld look like? What should its features be? Don’t just wish for more of what we already have (e.g. more memory, more speed, more whatever)! The HP-41 surprised everyone by introducing brand-new features that were so advanced that they surpassed all of our wish lists. HP can do it again! What should the next generation HP handheld do? Think outside the box... what features would be revolutionary, and leap beyond ordinary, evolutionary “wish lists”?

It is our challenge — and our delight — to put our heads together with HP, and catalyze another revolution in handheld computing.

If anybody creates a logo based on that idea, please submit it, and the Committee might adopt it as the official logo. Thanks in advance!


The following are intended for printing purposes, but please do whatever you like with them.

Same as the “display” above but on a plain white background:

Same, reduced 50%:

Same, double-size:

Same, but without the borders: