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HHC 2009 Registered Attendees

“PoA” = Probability of Attending

  Name (A–Z) PoA NIST 
  Presentation Title
 1.Olivier Arbey99%
 2.Pavneet Arora100%
 3.Don Asmus95%
 4.Bruce Bergman50%
 5.Bill Butler95%
 6.John Cadick75%
 7.Gary Cain98%
 8.Thomas Chrapkiewicz100%
 9.Cyrille de Brebisson100%“142164808C and Woodworking 101”
 10.Jesse Dodd100%
 11.Dirk Dykson100%
 12.Egan Ford90%
 13.Felix Gross85%
 14.Roger Hazelden99%
 15.Roger Hill99%
 16.Joe Horn100% and Harley Coke Mustang Calculators”
 17.Bruce Horrocks100%
 18.Ted Kerber100%Simplifying communication - HP50g to Surveying instruments
 19.Thomas Kline100%
 20.Luan Le100%
 21.Vern Lindsay100%
 22.Brian Maguire100%The Fundamentals of Computer Algebra Systems
 23.Lora Marschall50%
 24.Peter Marschall100%
 25.David Marsh100%
 26.Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz  95%“Should Einstein have used one?”
 27.Andreas Möller99%/ Stopwatch C for the HP 50G   |   Using the interactive root-
\ finder input form with the whole sreen of the 50G.
 28.Richard J. Nelson100%Remembering the HP-41/IL System
 29.Bob Patton99.8%
 30.Geoff Quickfall100%HP 41C calculator and card reader restoration
 31.Philip Reagan95%
 32.Eric Rechlin99%
 33.Mark Ringrose100%
 34.Gerry Schultz100%
 35.Jake Schwartz100%E-Ink, Haptic Touch and MEMS
 36.Richard Schwartz1%
 37.Namir Shammas100%RPN2
 38.Eric Smith99%
 39.Jeremy Smith0.01%
 40.Hugh Steers99%Calculators on Calculators
 41.Jamel Tayeb90%
 42.Patrice Torchet95%
 43.Jeff Turner99.9%
 44.Bill Vermette75%
 45.Sean Wall100%
 46.Brian Walsh100%
 47.Tim Wessman100%How HP Builds Calculators
 48.Gene Wright100%
 49.David Young100%
 50.Bill Zimmerly100%
Probable number of attendees: 45.8171 (as of September 30, 2009)