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HHC 2009 Schedule

Click HERE for the approximate schedule.

The precise schedule changes throughout the conference, but the above link is the guideline. The following is a synopsis.

Saturday (10/3), Conference Day #1
HP, Building 6

If you want breakfast, get up early, because the conference wastes no time getting started. The Programming Contest is presented, and the die-hard “couch hackers” pounce upon it with glee. Talks and presentations take up most of the day. Most attendees gather into small groups to share lunch and conversation either in the hotel restaurant or at a nearby eatery. The formal HHC Dinner is tonight. Most attendees chatter well into the wee hours at the hotel, so be sure to arrive at HHC 2009 well-rested!

Note to Brian Walsh: 9:15am, Room 312.

Sunday (10/4), Conference Day #2
HP, Building 6

Breakfast is more leisurely today, because the conference starts a bit later. Talks and presentations continue until mid-afternoon, when we have the HP Q&A session, at which we fire our questions at a panel of HP representatives, who do their best to answer. Then the conference’s final activities occur, including the presentation of the Secret Gift for all attendees; the awarding of the Programming Contest Prize, the Best Speaker Award, the Grand Prize winner, and the many Door Prizes; and a brief discussion of ideas for HHC 2010. After the official end of the conference, most attendees go in small groups to dinner, and continue their chatter as long as their travel arrangements allow. Those leaving on Monday usually keep chatting late into the night once again!

Monday (10/5) after the Conference