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How to Register for HHC 2011

A: The Conference
B: The Hotel
Please note that the registration fee for the Conference does NOT include a hotel room. Hotel reservations must be made separately (see section “B” below).

A: Registering to Attend the Conference

Fill out this form. Easy peasy. Be sure to bring some form of photo ID to the conference to pass HP’s security; a driver's license suffices.

B: Reserving a Room at the Hotel

Most conference attendees will stay at the Holiday Inn Rancho Bernardo in San Diego near HP. This facilitates socializing after hours, arranging carpools, comparing programming techniques while lounging in the hotel’s heated spa, and so on. You may stay elsewhere if you wish, but then you will be on your own.

To reserve a room at the Holiday Inn, either
(1) use this link: Reservations - Holiday Inn Rancho Bernardo, or
(2) call them (see phone numbers below).

Note: Try a "Group Code" of HHC. If there are any HHC rooms left, it'll get you a nice discount.

Holiday Inn Rancho Bernardo
17065 W. Bernardo Drive
San Diego, California 92127
Front desk: 1-858-485-6530