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Location of the Conference

Hewlett Packard
16399 West Bernardo Drive
San Diego, CA 92127-1899

The area around HP is commercial and there are few stores within walking distance. There will be several local people with cars so there is little need to rent a car.

Map from hotel to HP
To get to HP (1.5 miles, many visitors walk to HP from the hotel) turn left (South) and cross Rancho Bernardo Rd. Continue South on West Bernardo Drive as shown in the picture above. The road that is the entrance to HP is identified with a sign.
Aerial view of HP vicinity
This shows greater detail of the very large building that HP uses for the Printers and calculators. HP uses both of the buildings that are side by side.
Hewlett Packard
Most of the HP building is identified as 16550 above, but parts of the building are also identified as building 8 or building 2, etc. The conference will be at 16399 West Bernardo Drive, San Diego, CA 92127-1899. Signs will be posted and further details provided as September approaches.