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HHC 2011 Attendees

The following folks have used the Online Registration Form (or contacted Gene directly) and let us know that they MIGHT be attending HHC 2011. This helps us plan everything according to the size that the conference will PROBABLY be. The Conference Committee thanks all of you!

  Name (A–Z)     ProbTentative Presentation Title
  1.Olivier Arbey100%
  2.Larry Atherton100%
  3.Ana Bergman75%
  4.Bruce Bergman75%
  5.Gregg Bergman75%
  6.Tom Bilhorn100%
  7.Mary Boetcher100%
  8.Steve Brenton100%
  9.Jefferson Bronfeld99.9%
 10.Bill Butler95%
 11.John Cadick100%
 12.Gary Cain25%
 13.Brenda (Tis) Chrapkiewcz100%
 14.Thomas Chrapkiewcz100%
 15.Martin Cohen100%  RPN on Android phones
 16.John Cooper50%  Voyager Re-Engineering: KINOMI & KEMU
 17.Monte Dalrymple50%  41CL Beta Test results and Q&A
 18.Cyrille de Brebisson75%  Deciduous Trees of Europe
 19.Alejandra Diaz100%
 20.E. Ford100%
 21.Gary Friedman80%
 22.Larry Gill100%
 23.Carl Glassberg100%
 24.William Graves50%
 25.Felix Gross85%
 26.Neil Hamilton100%  WP 34S Assembler
 27.Laura Harich100%
 28.Dennis Harms100%  HP 12C - Why has it lasted 30 years?
 29.David Hayden90%
 30.Roger Hill99.9%
 31.Jim Horn99%
 32.Joseph Horn100%  The 4 Meanings of “Accurate to 3 Places”
 33.Ketung Hsiao90%
 34.Matt Kernal60%
 35.David Kim100%
 36.Sam Kim100%
 37.Jandro Kirkish100%
 38.Thomas Kline100%
 39.Erturk Kocalar50%
 40.Vern Lindsay50%
 41.Walter Little100%
 42.Eric Lundgren95%
 43.Lora Marschall99%
 44.Peter Marschall99%
 45.Dave Marsh50%
 46.Daniel McDonald35%
 47.Paul Michowicz100%
 48.Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz97%  HP-12Cs Through the Ages
 49.John Mohn98%
 50.Andreas Möller99%  HP 49G+ / 50G - O.S. Extension Pack
 51.Seth Morabito50%
 52.Carl Morris90%
 53.Peter Murphy100%
 54.Richard Nelson  100%  Remembering the PPC ROM after 30 years
 55.Jim Olson99%
 56.Don ORourke50%
 57.Ronald Orr60%
 58.Enrique Ortiz100%
 59.Howard Owen100%
 60.Bob Patton85%
 61.Peter Platzer90%
 62.Geoff Quickfall100%
 63.David Ramsey90%  The SR-60
 64.JC Randerson50%
 65.Philip Reagan75%
 66.Eric Rechlin100%
 67.Mark Ringrose90%
 68.Andres Rodriguez80%
 69.Günter Schink100%
 70.Gerry Schultz100%
 71.Jake Schwartz100%  An HP-16C / WP 34S Dictionary
 72.Richard Schwartz88.1%  Generating normal Deviates (HP 35s)
 73.Namir Shammas100%
 74.Eddie Shore100%
 75.Steve Simpkin100%
 76.Eric Smith100%  Scaled Reptiles of the Nordic Countries
 76.Jeremy Smith100%
 77.Ari Stern90%
 78.Stephen Thomas99.8%
 79.Patrice Torchet95%  HP-15C Benchmark: The Devil is in the Details
 80.Jeff Turner99.9%
 81.Marcus von Cube100%  How WP 34S came into existence
 82.Jacob Wall90%
 83.Brian Walsh100%
 84.Julia Wells100%
 85.Katie Wessman100%
 86.Tim Wessman100%  Deciduous Trees of North America
 87.Gene Wright100%  Using 41CL / PPC ROM -> 34S Matrix prog
 88.Bertram Zinner99%
 Probable # of attendees: 78.167