(Foreign attendees may be limited in their travel to the US by the CDC due to COVID-19.)

  Name From Probability of Attendance Presentation
Craig Bladow Fort Collins, CO 73% CC41: A Touch Typist's Calculator
Mary Boetcher Reno, NV 100%  
David Hayden Bordentown, NJ 95%  
Roger Hill Altadena, CA 85.62%  
Joseph Horn Silverado, CA 100%  
Jim Johnson Carmel, IN 100% TBD- Something About HP Hardware
Daniel McDonald Bellows Falls, VT 90%  
Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz London, England 5% Lessons learned from 18 months of online meetings.
Richard Nelson Mesa, AZ 100% Accuracy Comparisons, 7 methods (graphic & 30 pgms) and What we started.
Robert Prosperi Highland Mills, NY 100% HP Calculator Quiz
Geoff Quickfall Surrey, British Columbia 5% Something HP related ;-). 9825 keyboard and HP 45 desktop related.
David Ramsey Reno, NV 100% Something about keyboards
Eric Rechlin Houston, TX 99% Techniques for Digitally Preserving Technical Manuals and Other Books
Jake Schwartz Cherry Hill, NJ 100% What's New In The PPC Archive (Version 2.39)
Richard Schwartz Carson City, NV 99.9% 1. Make Your Own Slide Rule. 2. Some comments on Logarithms
Joey Shepard Washington, DC 99% 6502 Calculator Projects
Eric Smith Wheat Ridge, CO 98.6% 1. Inductively Coupled Memory AND/OR 2. Floating Point Processors
Stephen Thomas Orlando, FL 99%  
Kimberly Thompson Topeka, KS 100%  
Brian Walsh Barrington, IL 100%  
Jim Wild Loveland, CO 100%  
Gene Wright Brentwood, TN 101% Lines and Graphs; Rockwell Calculator History; HP Algebraic Calculators