How to Sign Up to Give a Talk

Want to give a talk at HHC 2021? Here’s how to sign up:

  1. When you register to attend, let us know that you wish to give a talk by specifying its proposed title.
  2. If its title changes, let David Ramsey know ASAP!
  3. Submit your paper electronically before the deadline (September 13).
  4. Bring everything you’ll need for your talk, except for the items provided for the use of all speakers, namely:
    • Laptop running Windows, with PowerPoint installed
    • Ceiling Mounted LCD Projector & Screen
    • Flip charts (up to two) as needed
    • Sound system with two (2) microphones - one handheld and one lavaliere/lapel
    • Surge protectors and extension cords as needed
Please note: All attendees pay the same registration fee, including speakers and committee members.

A list of the expected talks can be seen in the table of registered attendees.