Handhelds You Should Bring to HHC 2008

Bring whichever handhelds you like! You’ll make lots of friends if you bring rare or exotic handhelds, especially if you’re open to buying, selling, or trading. Many attendees are avid collectors. Now’s your chance!

Everyone also brings their workhorse handhelds... the ones that they take everywhere, not just to HHC conferences! So bring your HP 50g, or 35s, or whatever you use every day. Others will have theirs along too, and you can swap programs and ideas with them.

True anecdote: During the Saturday Dinner at a London conference, I (Joe Horn) was very fortunate to sit next to Bill Wickes, the Father of RPL. Many years earlier, he had released a program called “XPURGE” which somehow magically called itself recursively even if it was renamed! Trying to figure out how he did it haunted me over the years. So during the dinner, I pulled out my HP48, showed him XPURGE in it, and asked him if he remembered how he accomplished that trick of RPL programming. He politely pulled out his laptop computer, fetched that program, and showed me his original commented source code! And there was his programming trick, plain as day! I can assure you, many exciting things happened that weekend, but that chance moment with Bill Wickes, talking about an old HP48 program, was the highlight of the conference for me. The moral of the story is: bring your favorite toys. You never know what you might learn!