The HHC 2008 Programming Contest

The HHC 2007 Programming Contest will be open only to attendees, who may participate if they wish. Its goal and rules will be announced at the Conference, not before, and not at all on this website.

In previous HHC Programming Contests, the goal was a User-RPL program that performed some specific little task, such as counting the number of X’s in a string, or something a tad more difficult, such as graphing a circle evenly filled with random dots. Each attendee may submit only one contest entry, and each entry is the work of only one attendee. The winner is chosen according to the criteria described in the contest rules (e.g. smallest byte count, or fastest runtime, or some combination of size & speed). In case of tie, the winner is chosen by the Contest Committee using subjective criteria such as cleverness and elegance. The decision of the Committee is final.

The purpose of every HHC Programming Contest is the fun of a shared intellectual challenge. Since that sharing is among a very small group of highly intelligent people, the excitement always becomes intense as the deadline approaches.

Prize: A surprise that’s something fun, since that is the purpose of the contest. It’s awarded Sunday afternoon (see schedule).