HHC 2008 Prizes

Door prizes

Attendees voluntarily bring all kinds of nifty goodies and place them on the Door Prizes Table. At the end of the conference, attendees are randomly picked (using a Sort Without Replacement algorithm called “drawing from a hat” or “lottery”). When an attendee is called, he or she takes their pick of anything remaining on the Table. Since there are always more prizes than attendees, the process is repeated until the Table is empty. Do you have some stuff that you don’t need and that high-tech enthusiasts like yourself might like? Bring it along! The more goodies each attendee brings, the higher the probability of you getting great door prizes!

Secret Gift for every attendee

Sorry. That’s top secret. You won’t know what it is until you get it. <insert creepy organ music here, to build the suspense...>

Grand Prize

The very first attendee who is randomly picked for the Door Prize wins an awesome Grand Prize (to be determined), but also gets to pick whatever he or she wants from the entire, untouched Door Prize Table. Will it be you?

Programming Contest Prize

The prize for the Programming Contest has yet to be determined. It’s usually something fun, since that’s the whole point of the Programming Contest.

Best Speaker Award

At the end of the conference, we all vote for the Best Speaker. The winner receives the Best Speaker Certificate, suitable for framing, hanging in your den, and showing to all your friends, who will admire your intellectual prowess and secretely wish they were you.