HHC 2008 Attendees

 Name (A–Z)  Presentation Title 
  1.Olivier Arbey
  2.Pavneet Arora- HP50g Construction Applications
  3.Raul Avelar
  4.Bruce Bergman
  5.Bill Butler
  5.Sharon Butterfield
  6.Diana Byrne
  7.Cyrille de Brebisson (HP)- HP 20b SDK
  8.Jim Donnelly
  9.Charles Fishburn
 10.Felix Gross- Patent documents: Looking for the History and Future of Calculators
 11.Roger Hazelden
 12.Dave Hicks
 13.Roger Hill
 14.Jim Horn
 15.Joe Horn- Polarization
 16.Jonathan Horrell
 17.Matt Kernal100%
 18.Sam Kim (HP)100%TBA
 19.Thomas Kline100%
 20.Vern Lindsay100%
 21.Craig Magaret70%
 22.Brian Maguire99.9%Evolution of Dynamic Geometry Software
 23.Lora Marschall90%
 24.Peter Marschall90%
 25.Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz99%Could Einstein Have Used One?
 26.Andreas Moeller100%Multi-Lingual Packs
 27.Seth Morabito100%
 28.Detlef Mueller99%
 29.Paul Nelson100%
 30.Richard J. Nelson100%(1) If I were Wing King; (2) Fourier StreamSmart 400 Probes
 31.Michael OShea100%HP-97 & HP-67 Emulator Demonstration
 32.Dean Ouchida95%
 33.Charlie Patton100%Cognitive Science and Calculator Design
 34.Geoff Quickfall100%
 35.Philip Reagan95%
 36.Eric Rechlin100%
 37.Mark Ringrose100%
 38.Greg Savage90%
 39.Karl Schneider95%Proposed improvement to the HP-35s — ideal complex-number mathematics
 40.Gerry Schultz100%
 41.Jake Schwartz100%Improving Keystroke Efficiency in HP’s Recent Business Calculators
 42.Namir Shammas100%(1) New root-finding algorithms; (2) Shammas polynomials
 43.Megha Shyam100%Future of Calculators
 44.Eric Smith100%Calculator Simulation
 45.Jeremy Smith100%
 46.Olaf Sorenson50%
 47.G.T. Springer (HP)100%HP MCL and Data Streaming
 48.Hugh Steers95%
 49.Stephen Thomas100%
 50.Allen Thomson100%
 51.Phil Todd68.2%
 52.Jeff Turner99.9%
 53.James Unterburger90%
 54.Kalyn Wessman100%Tiny note: Kayln is the tiniest attendee ever... only 7 months old!
 55.Katie Wessman100%
 56.Tim Wessman100%
 57.Frank West100%
 58.Gene Wright100%HP20b Flash Programming Demonstration
Probable number of attendees:     56.2460909103400243723644033268870511124972758567 ± 3dB